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After the death of her husband, Bee Carlisle has to face being alone for the first time in her life. She has to deal with the dysfunctional dynamics that create her world through the web of her family. She convinces one of her sons to drive with her from Los Angeles to Cape Cod. On the
road they eventually discover the secrets, which had split them apart. Secrets which now draw them closer together and ultimately, lead them to the realization that love is the only thing we can really give our children.


Lucrezia Vizzana (1590-1662)

This is the true story of a nun at Santa Cristina, a convent in Bologna, Italy. The first published female composer who dared to be something that the world around her could not accept. Trapped between her spiritual and physical passions, she expressed a world thru her music that no women of her time dared to do. Passion and struggle can create such an inner conflict that the mind can not tell the heart what to do.